According to TrendHunter, cryptocurrencies take on or are attached to an increasing number of environmental causes, so is eco crypto currency really something you should be considering?

“The cryptocurrency industry is merging with eco-friendly consumption and production, giving consumers distinct incentives to invest in these digital assets. By pairing themselves with environmentally friendly practices, cryptocurrency startups are able to align themselves with both future-focused investing and consumption habits.”

Trendhunter raises the question: “How could your brand utilise cryptocurrency, or align itself with more future-focused business and consumption practices?”

For example, “Canadian startup CarbonX is described as the first P2P carbon trading platform in the world. The mobile rewards initiative encourages consumers to make environmentally friendly decisions by enabling people to earn, spend and trade carbon offsets” using cryptocurrency tokens called CxT, to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint.

The startup sells tokens to retailers and manufacturers to incentivise their customers at the same time as allowing them access to transaction data and information regarding customers’ energy use, so they can cross-sell relevant products to these environmentally aware early adopters.

Trendhunter has a number of interesting short articles and links to other examples of businesses working in this way. It raises the question about financial efficiencies driving environmental awareness both within business and throughout its value chain.

An important consideration is how you will partner with relevant third parties; suppliers on one side and resellers, agents, wholesalers and distributors on the other. These kinds of initiatives are achieved in close collaboration with likeminded organisations and decision-makers and especially when there is a win-win-win (you, them, customer).

Is there an opportunity for you to consider eco-transactions within your business for mutual benefit of all involved?