Mindful Process 

Ensuring appropriate prioritisation of resources and optimisation of efficiencies

Innovative use of big data and disruptive technology

Proactive carbon reduction strategy

Mindful Process – Promotion (internal and external)

How will you ensure your marketing and promotion is authentic, transparent and true? What process do you have for mindful internal communications, considering your internal connections, employees and partners as valuable stakeholders?

Mindful Process – Place (physical and digital)

Considering your physical assets and resources from buildings and infrastructure to value chain logistics, how will you optimise and become as efficient as possible? How will you mindfully maximise the value of your people, budget and time?

Mindful Process – Industry 4.0

Considering the innovative use of big data and appropriate technologies, new and legacy, how will you move towards becoming a decentralised and sustainable business?

These are just some of the things you need to consider to establish and operate with Mindful Process.

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