Mindful Profit

Relentless focus on the concept of zero marginal cost

Mindful administration of pensions

Ethical payment of corporation tax

Investment in the right assets

Fair and ethical distribution of wealth

Mindful Profit – Products and Services

Along the length of your value chain, how will you produce and deliver mindful and ethical products and services? How do your products and services support your higher purpose at the same time as making profit? Could you ethically embed the concept of zero marginal cost within your business?

Mindful Profit – Mindful Pricing

Moving from a time-based monetisation to a mindful value-based pricing model how will you add maximum value to customers and stakeholders?

Mindful Profit – Mindful Investment

How will you practice sustained mindful accounting practice from tax and pensions administration, and asset investment to fair and ethical distribution of wealth?

These are just some of the things you need to consider to establish and operate with Mindful Profit.

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