By the time contaminating waste is into our ecosystem much of the damage is done, so it logically follows that we should stop contaminating waste at source at the same time as clearing the mess we have already created in our value chain.

Most modern companies have recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal policies and as such these are admirable and a solid foundation from which to build real change. This change can come from a new mindset that thinks literally further upstream, to see what risk mitigation and planning can be put into place before the event.

The media is increasingly sharing positive stories of amazing projects like The Ocean Cleanup which is attempting to clear plastic waste at a phenomenal scale from some of the world’s most diverse and inaccessible locations: the middle of the ocean. We are sure that the entire Mindful Collective community will support such ventures, but closer to home it’s time to focus in on what we are doing not only to deal with what’s happened but what we can prevent before it happens.

How do you ensure everyone in your product supply chain and across your business adheres to clear policies about how you expect to stop contaminating waste at source? By studying guidelines and government reports which help to bring together, in Mindful Collective style, collaborative best practice.

There are already scientific studies that have established “that greening the different phases of the supply chain leads to an integrated green supply chain, which ultimately leads to competitiveness and economic performance.” Emerald Insights

What best practice have you found that you can share to stop contaminating waste at source? Take a look at your current recycling and waste management policies. Notice what pollution and waste your business is managing and work back upstream to explore more environmentally and sustainably beneficial alternatives are available. Take your research and decision making back to the source and encourage (or instruct) others in your value chain to do likewise. Share your experiences…


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Sharing best practice process and business operations to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability for the future, across all industries and company sizes.

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