There may well be significant changes to the law in the next few years which will mean that sustainability is a requirement for businesses and not just a ‘lip service’ statement of corporate social responsibility.

Ecocide Lawyer, Polly Higgins has made it her life purpose to represent the planet on a crusade that will put sustainability at the heart of international criminal law. Polly says, “I have a choice: to protect our Earth or to let it be destroyed. For me it is unconscionable to walk away.”

Mission Lifeforce is the campaign Polly co-launched in order to launch ecocide crime into the wider public domain. In an unprecedented step, an Earth Protectors Trust Fund was created. The fund provides for representation at the annual Assembly of the International Criminal Court for Small Island Developing States and their delegates costs.

“This is a legacy mission like no other. Taking ecocide crime into the International Criminal Court is a legal fast lane.” says Polly.

Ecocide is a crime against the living natural world – ecosystem loss, damage or destruction is occurring every day; for instance, the Athabasca Tar Sands. Ecocide is a crime against the Earth, not just humans. Further, ecocide can also be climate crime: dangerous industrial activity causes climate ecocide. Currently there is a missing responsibility to protect. Unlike crimes against humanity, ecocide has severe impact on inhabitants, not just humans. Thus, what is required is the expansion of our collective duty of care to protect the natural living world and all life. International ecocide crime is a law to protect the Earth.

Keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the establishment of ecocide law on the eradicating ecocide portal.

It is time for all business to take seriously their corporate sustainability responsibility. Traditional CSR statements will soon be a thing of the past. Polly will welcome your support for the project.

What good examples have you seen for bringing sustainability responsibility into business? Is your business ready? Share your concerns, questions and ideas.

(Polly Higgins image courtesy of Priits Siimon,

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