There’s no question that it’s worth exploring alternative forms of energy to both meet your sustainability targets as well as to reduce your energy costs. However it takes some effort to establish not only what feasible alternatives are available from a practical perspective but also which are most financially economical.

BBC’s Reality Check Team have undertaken some research into what is the cheapest form of renewable energy and the results may surprise you.

“Renewable, or ‘green’ energy is generated from natural resources like the sun, wind and water, so they are restored and never run out – unlike fossil fuels.”

The debate and media reporting most often focuses on the cost to produce renewable energy from both a legacy source and a new source. This may lead to a misunderstanding of what is appropriate for your business because this is the wholesale supply cost and not necessarily a fair representation of what you might pay, which needs to factor in things such as availability and your geographic location.

So where to begin? The 2017 white paper Switched On: The Business of Energy Efficiency takes an in-depth look at the current state of energy use in the business sector and is a must for any business leader.

eonenergy publishes a range of guides for those seeking to explore the potential benefits and operational ways they might transition to renewable sources for their energy supply.

Renewable Energy in the UK Infographic

Business Juice has a useful resource for how to begin your consideration of renewable energies and Exchange Utility has a quotation service and case study examples from a range of corporates who are already transitioning.

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