Lets talk about mental health in the workplace…

An often taboo conversation in most areas let alone the office, many people still don’t feel comfortable to talk about it openly. There is hope however, social media campaigns and mental health organisations have helped raise awareness over the years and businesses are slowly coming to the understanding of the scale of the mental health issues that are present in the workplace but there’s a long way to go. I know from my own personal experiences and that of friends that any conversations on mental health or support in the workplace is often rare or non-existent. If employers are to get the absolute best of their employees, creating a positive and supportive workplace it needs to be engrained into its management structure.


In 2017 YouGov and The Prince’s Responsible Business Network conducted a study of full and part-time employees in the workplace and their mental health. Although figures and awareness is slowly improving the summary concluded “too many men and women with mental health issues are suffering in silence at work, unable to seek help from colleagues or managers. Fears of prejudice and exclusion are limiting employees’ ability to achieve their full potential, in the workplace or at home” Below are some interesting headline statistics from the survey…


Some Interesting facts…

So, what can we do?

Recently a new online resource Mental Health at Work Gateway was set up by Mind and The Royal Foundation. It includes resources, toolkits and case studies to help. If you’re an employer, consider some of the toolkits on the site and how you might instigate change inside your organisation. If you’re an employee maybe think about passing this to your colleagues and managers, especially people in HR roles.

Secondly, let’s talk more about it and keep raising the issue. Subscribe to us and comment below on your own experiences or experiences of people you know. How does your company support mental health in the workplace if at all? We need to continue to raise awareness on this topic, campaign for your company to do more and finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to help spread our message for all of us to do more!


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