The Honest Product is a ‘product’ of  Consumer Goods Forum and the change agency Futerra who’ve joined forces to investigate the cutting edge of transparency.

Their guide includes new market research with consumers in 7 countries. They also surveyed over 70 companies worldwide – members of The Consumer Goods Forum and of their survey partner, the Chartered Institute of Marketing – and interviewed leaders from both global and small challenger brands.

They delve into what those businesses and consumers agree is the most important topic of transparency: the impact of products themselves.

The Honest Product Guide is designed for business leaders, brand owners, marketers, experts and change-makers seeking to solve the perceived crisis of trust between companies and the consumers they serve.

What do you think? Is there really such a thing as an honest product? There certainly should be. Can you share examples of honest products you have seen (especially if they are your own)?

What steps will you take on the basis of this knowledge and research, to create honest products within your organisation? Share your stories by becoming a Subscriber today.


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