“… if I eat less meat or take fewer flights, that’s just me – how much of a difference can that really make?

Actually, it’s not just you. Social scientists have found that when one person makes a sustainability-oriented decision, other people do too.

Here are four examples:

  • Patrons at a US cafe who were told that 30% of Americans had started eating less meat were twice as likely to order a meatless lunch.
  • An online survey showed that of the respondents who know someone who had given up flying because of climate change, half of them said they flew less as a result.
  • In California, households were more likely to install solar panels in neighbourhoods that already have them.
  • Community organisers trying to get people to install solar panels were 62% more successful in their efforts if they had panels in their house too.

Social scientists believe this occurs because we constantly evaluate what our peers are doing and we adjust our beliefs and actions accordingly. When people see their neighbours taking environmental action, like conserving energy, they infer that people like them also value sustainability and feel more compelled to act.”

Read the full article by Diego Arguedas Ortis on BBC.com/future

And this is exactly why we believe that The Mindful Collective can stand near the front of the ‘how to make a change’ debate. 

Our mantra in the team is ‘act locally, impact globally’ and everyone we share this with seems to be realising the truth in the simplicity of the message.

Tesco ran a marketing campaign with the strapline Every Little Helps and it surely does. If only a proportion of the 7.5 billion people on the planet were to make a small change, just imagine the combined effect.

Sustainability and ethics begin with you and me, right here, right now.

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