Hays UK Diversity Inclusion Report 2018, throws up a host of challenges and opportunities for business leaders seeking to include diversity at the heart of their strategic agenda.

The report introduces that “A robust and well-executed diversity and inclusion strategy is essential to improving operational performance.” The report “… examines five key elements of diversity and inclusion that organisations should prioritise to achieve business success.”

The five key elements are workplace culture, career management, leadership, data capture and analysis and talent attraction and selection.

Interestingly the expert insight at the heart of this well-researched report shows, “There is a trust-deficit between professionals and their organisations’ leaders. Only 35% of survey respondents state they trust their organisations’ leaders to deliver change on the diversity and inclusion agenda.” The report recommends that leaders begin by becoming self-aware and focus on understanding employee sentiment towards their leadership style. This is vital. Inclusion begins with you as a leader. It’s not something that is a distant policy that won’t impact you. The responsibility for enabling the opportunity begins, and ends, with you.

“Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives. Inclusive leaders should aim to clearly, regularly and effectively communicate that diversity and inclusion is on their agenda.”

“Diversity is being invited to the party, but inclusion is being asked to dance.” “It’s useful because it communicates very simply that diversity on its own isn’t enough. No matter how many different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences you might have in a team from people of different genders, cultures, religions, ages and sexualities, if you don’t have a culture that enables those people to be themselves at work, their engagement, motivation and productivity will suffer.”

For more details about how to address the issues and integrate the opportunities into your strategies and behaviours, read the full Report or watch the webinar.

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