“A recent survey of more than 11,000 business and HR leaders worldwide found that almost 80% say “citizenship and social impact” is very important or important today.” Harvard Business Review : Why social entrepreneurs are so burned out

Why do social entrepreneurs need support? In this article, which includes statistics from research conducted by Deloitte there is clear evidence of the need to surround yourself with authentic, reliable and likeminded others to assist you as you traverse the minefield of balancing profits with social good.

The essence of The Mindful Collective is that to enable sustainable and ethical progress within your business you need to focus on balancing higher purpose, the right peope and efficient systems and processes with your need to generate profits for your shareholders. This can happen best in collaboration and hence the need for The Mindful Collective in these busy and uncertain times.

Mavericks and innovators often choose to fly alone as they plough their way into a fresh new world. They rely on intention, vision and an indefatigable thirst for invention. For most of us, we require more tangible evidence and security, to confirm our steps are likely to lead to positive outcomes. This is why we believe that crowdsourcing best practice and sharing the positives and negatives of the ethical journey is the best way to scale the number of businesses willing, enabled and empowered to move their game forward.

Figuring out your higher purpose and the vision that will be so personal to you and your organisation and then surrounding yourself with others who have both been there before you as well as those in a similar stage of their journey is likely to be the best and most reassuring way of gaining traction and progress.

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