IBM amongst a small number of global AI visionaries, are forging ahead with innovative programmes and technical developments to lead the world into a positive and mindful new era.

5 IBM Watson sessions have recently been highlighted as the ‘must attend’ events to add to your schedule, to ensure you keep up to date with the wealth of opportunities presented to you as you endeavour to improve your strategies and processes.

“Do you want to learn how you can accelerate your AI strategy or get ahead of the latest AI trends? Or are you more curious to learn what results businesses are achieving by adopting AI? Either way, make sure you attend Think 2019 and experience Watson AI technology first-hand.”

Think 2019 continues the successful thought leadership focus from IBM as they help to drive forward both thinking and practical technological development in this fast moving AI sector.

Whilst IBM Watson technologies and initiatives may be beyond the budgets of your organisation there is much to learn as the impact of high level AI developments begins to filter down into mainstream systems, processes and technologies.

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