Flexitarian diets could be a vital solution to feeding people in a warming world, according to a BBC article But is the concept of flexitarian just an excuse? (“This means eating mainly plant-based foods, and is one of three key steps towards a sustainable future for all in 2050.” according to the article)

There’s a balance to strike here. Some people will say that any progress is good progress, when it comes to slowing the likes of global warming, environmental impact of plastics and an ego-driven world of consumption. In some ways this is probably true, but could the flexitarian approach of just a little change, be an excuse? After all, if you have committed to change and improvement, then why not go the full yards?

I’m using the idea of flexitarianism as an analogy for businesses who begin process and strategy improvements in positive earnest, only to revert back to their old ways as momentum and commitments wanes.

I often hear similar claims to describe personal diets, with people saying things like, “yes I was vegetarian for a few weeks…”

We can’t really blame either the companies or the people. The trouble is, it’s very difficult to maintain anything and commit to the long term unless there is a higher purpose driving things relentlessly, such that it becomes a lifestyle.

For a person a ‘lifestyle’ is a means of living and breathing in a certain way, and if it’s to the benefit of their community and the planet, then so much the better. They can probably only sustain this lifestyle if it’s driven by higher purpose, a soul contract, or whatever other term you would like to apply to indicate the real depth of feeling and meaning.

The exact same thing applies to a business. With a higher purpose and meaning (way beyond the need to sell products and services for profit) for existence, there is a committed drive to relentlessly excelling and staying on plan. It’s hard to criticise a person or business for falling short within months, without this clear guiding light.

So for me, being flexitarian and bending with short term desires and perceived needs rather than focusing on a longer term macro strategy, is an excuse (in a personal and a business sense). If there’s a chance (and there is, with the support of everyone in and around The Mindful Collective!), to find your purpose, then we can all take the plunge and really start to make a difference.

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