Boston Tea Party is the first coffee shop chain to say No Excuse for Single Use and completely ban single use coffee cups.

“We joined the global war on plastic some time ago. We stopped using plastic straws and plastic bottles, and have always done what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. However, the elephant in the room was still the vast amount of single use coffee cups which left our cafes, only to be tossed into a bin, or worse, on the ground.” say our Partner.

So how can you, probably in a completely unrelated business and industry, learn and emulate such a bold and positive strategy? Well, the answer lies in spotting the opportunity in the first place.

There are many processes and systems that you can adopt to help put the good practice into action and embed it in your business. The tricky part of the equation is figuring out what to focus on in the first place.

No Excuse for Single UseThis is where Boston Tea Party’s approach can help: Look for important market trends and become obsessed by the numbers.

In their announcement of the No Excuse for Single Use strategy, the business shared, “Only 1 in 400 (0.25%) of the estimated 2.5 billion plastic coated coffee cups* used in the UK each year are recycled. 4%, approximately 500,000, are littered every day. The rest (95.75%) go into landfill. Many compostable alternatives also end up in landfill as there aren’t enough accessible facilities in the UK to compost them.

We looked at the reality of the situation and realised there was only one way forward that would really make a difference. To stop issuing single use coffee cups altogether.”

Here’s the key learning point. We all need to look outside of our businesses. Look at the trends and what customers want. Where are the opportunities? What’s the marketplace, community or planet crying out for? What has everyone else missed that you can make happen? What do you see?

Read more about Boston Tea Party : No Excuse for Single Use single coffee cup ban.

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