Finding your business higher purpose may be easier than you think. After all, it’s about a simple, cohesive and inspiring future scenario, in which you and your colleagues can perform at the optimal level and deliver maximum value to the environment in which you exist.

Simple? Well on the face of it, maybe. But what are the key steps to take to begin this journey of self discovery?

The Mindful Consultants have a range of tools and processes we can take you through to delve deeply into your higher purpose and as some describe it, your soul contract, which is as important for your business as it is for you personally.

If you’d rather self-serve this vital starting point in your mindful planning journey then here are some interesting links and steps you could begin with:

“8 Steps to Driving a Higher Purpose as Well as Profit
1. Let your passion and skills define a mission you can love
2. Become a thought leader early through social media
3. Tie your marketing content to a bigger picture of the world
4. Build a skilled team to design and develop what is needed
5. Incentivize your team to focus on the purpose rather than profit…”
Learn more at

“Want a purpose-driven business? Know the difference between mission and purpose” Fast Company

“How to help your team find their higher purpose and create a purpose-driven organisation” Harvard Business Review

“Why purpose should be a pivotal part of your business strategy” Forbes

“How having a higher purpose can strengthen your company” Zappos Insights

If you have a good example of how you or someone you know has helped their business to find their higher purpose, please Subscribe and share in the comments below…



Helping every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able to contribute higher value to society

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