On Monday next week we will be in with a progressive printing company to assess their Mindful Index, from top to tail.

We’ll be taking them through the entire Mindful Business Framework covering questions and self assessment of their Purpose, Process, People and Profit.

The beauty of the start of the process is that it is all about self-assessment and it enables the management team to place a stake in the ground for each element and then hear back from the rest of the business about the reality on the ‘shop floor’. This can provide some fascinating insights so we expect lots of discussion and surprises.

What we haven’t told them is that we will be doing a ‘how Mindful you look from outside of your business’ as we take the customer and stakeholder perspective and trawl through everything they present to the world. We’ll factor that in as it’s the commercial reality of what they might believe.

Once we have completed this Mindful Index work with them we’ll discuss their aspirations and be seeking where they can make both quick wins and longer term strategic gains in the future. Taking the broader perspective by using the 4Ps, we can collectively strike an interesting balance across the business rather than the typical, we focus on what makes most noise, approach that many firms take.

We’ll be updating social media and this article with much more detail about the process, how they found it and the outcomes, so stay tuned…



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