Visible Intentions For Your Worker Bees

The start of a year sees us all reflecting on the past and setting personal goals for the year ahead. This is also common practise in a work setting. Personal reviews take place, team goal setting and maybe even reviews at a strategic level. But how clearly do your worker bees really know and feel connected to the aims of your business? How visible are the organisational intentions so your worker bees can follow them and be clear on the direction in which they need to ‘fly’ in 2019?

Different Hive, Same Intention

Also remember to consider how your different departments dove tail in with the overall goals of the business. The may all have different flavours and colours associated with their output, but ultimately the desired outcome will be the same, so each department needs to resonate with the organisational intention, feel it and believe in it. By all the worker bees thinking in the right way, you can grow in the direction you desire.

Think Rich, Grow Rich

I’ve been immersed in an audio book by Napoleon Hill ‘Think Rich, Grow Rich’ since December. The title put me off a little, but Bob Proctor has built a successful worldwide business based on the teachings of intention setting, when this very book was placed in his own hands many years ago. Growing rich isn’t just about monetary value, it’s about how authentically we behave with each other and how we impact the world around us too…

I was curious, so took the leap to learn about the power of intention setting and I am now integrating mantras and my own personal ‘transmissions’ to the universe every morning. One of the critical things a person must do in order to create a powerful intention is to imagine, emote and feel what it is like to attain the end goal in mind. Only then, will the electrical pulse of desire inject the intention and act as a catalyst for change.

Enthuse Your Worker Bees

While I sat one morning imaging and projecting my own personal transmissions, I wondered how well this is really sewn into the fabric of business success. How do we enthuse our worker bees with this sense of success for a particular business goal? Mission statements, Ethos and Desired Outcomes are fine, but if they’re not FELT by the individuals working to satisfy them, how can we really expect success?

Unified Collaboration

We all know how bees work as a unified collaboration to sustain the hive and make honey. This analogy is a powerful one. Every bee knows, really knows, the intention behind collecting nectar and returning to the hive to create the amazing structure of a honey engorged honeycomb. It takes a whopping 55,000 worker bees to produce 1 pound of honey and each bee will only produce around one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in it’s lifetime! One bee will visit 100 flowers per foraging trip, so no wonder it takes about 556 foraging bees to visit 2 million flowers, just to make a pound of honey!

So you can see they really NEED and MUST work together with a common goal to achieve the desired outcome. If 55,000 bees didn’t have a common goal, life would be very confusing and frustrating with very little honey to show for it!

Hearts & Minds

My suggestion is that you find ways of igniting your organisational goals in the hearts and minds of the people who work for you. This means you need to be creative and demonstrate the vision of your business in a captivating manner. You need to engage with your worker bees, attract them in and harness their individual imaginations. Help them to really SEE and FEEL what you describe in your desired outcome and stretched target for the organisation.

This could be in the form of captivating video, or group exercises which encourage each person to contribute their own take on a goal. You may even decide to be bold and celebrate your desired outcome in present time, as if you have already achieved your it! This sends a powerful message to the universe. The law of attraction says that whatever you put out will attract back the same, yet many times magnified. So don’t be afraid to celebrate our successes!

The Belief Trick

Our subconscious minds do not know the difference between reality and what is imagined, so if you celebrate success ahead of time, and feel the elation, you will achieve what you have believed and experienced.

…and remember, don’t leave any little worker bee out! It’s essential to enthuse your new employees right from the start, so infuse this approach in your induction programme and capture their hearts and minds early.

Finding the Nectar

If we were to imagine each of our worker bees as broadcasting masts that transmit the message of the organisation on a daily basis, we would magnify the potential success many times over. Just imagine the alchemy that would prevail…you would attain the nectar!

I would love to hear about the ways you have captivated your worker bees and created the alchemy of success in your business or organisation, so please do share your ideas and comments. If you are curious about how to engage your worker bees with this new way of visioning then please contact The Mindful Consultants and we can inject some ideas, design processes and help you infuse your worker bees with collaborative, visible intention.

If you’d like to hear more about using the power of intention setting and a way to magnify your personal or business transmissions, listen to my podcast ‘Gathering Insights – Using The Law of Attraction

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