Boston Tea Party identified that one of THE most important criteria of operating a mindful, ethical and sustainable business is to be powered by green energy.

It could be argued that this is simple a ‘nice thing to do’ in your process efficiencies but to coffee shop brand that was the first to ban single-use cups, it is a more fundamental starting point and integral to their higher purpose.

Ben Hibbard, Boston Tea Party Marketing Guy, said, “Our cafes can get through a fair bit of energy – from the coffee machines to the ovens to the lighting – it all adds up to a lot of wattage. We are incredibly keen to minimise the impact this may have and so reduce our carbon footprint. We do this in a number of small ways – tracking our consumption in every café and ensuring that our teams are on the ball with turning stuff off when not being used – the usual sort of thing – all good important stuff and collectively it makes a big difference.”

Ben continued, “We reduce our impact by only using green energy. We are very proud to be powered by green energy from Ecotricity – an inspirational privately owned company. We are very much on the same page when it comes to sustainability and it is great to work with a company whose values we share and we can trust are doing the right thing.”