“Building a sustainable future isn’t just about changing how energy is made and used. It’s about what we eat and how we get around, as well as how we power our homes. Energy, transport and food – they’re the big three things that we all need to tackle. And as a 21st century energy company, that’s exactly what Ecotricity is doing.” Ecotricity YouTube

At the heart of good process improvement is the emulation of great examples of those who are already far into their journey of sustainable improvement and innovation.

We see process improvement as being both good for the planet and society at the same time as offering the company competitive advantage and enhanced profitability.

Ecotricity is a great example of a business fostering collaborative learning in the art and science of process improvements for the benefit of all. They are collecting and sharing some great #PoweredBy videos which bring to life the work their customers do to become more sustainable. Watch some great examples to aid your own journey by visiting the Ecotricity YouTube Channel

Sustainability and Competitive Advantage

It’s about how you work together in partnerships even with your competitors.... sustainability is not something that’s a competitive advantage...

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Sharing best practice process and business operations to ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability for the future, across all industries and company sizes.

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