The Mindful Index is gathering momentum.

Our Mission at The Mindful Collective is to develop and issue the Mindful Score, an independent and objective rating of an organisation’s ethical and sustainability credentials, allowing consumers and other organisations, to make informed choices about who they do business with.

This is our medium term goals and so far we have created the Mindful Index, which is part of the Mindful Business Model, and includes a self-assessment process for companies to benchmark where they currently are on their sustainability journey.

It’s so important to deep dive into the wider business implications of mindfulness, ethics and sustainability to truly understand the impacts, positive and negative, each companies makes on the community and locality in which it exists. The Mindful Index covers higher purpose, how the business treats people, the efficiency and appropriateness of processes and how it creates, distributes and reinvests profits.

We are creating a network of likeminded people, businesses and organisations, who will think and operate collaboratively, to create sustainable businesses for us all. It’s much more about sharing best practice across a range of different industries and sectors than it is in preaching a ‘one size fits all’ ethos that assumes there is only one way of solving commercial challenges.

With our tech development partner Global Bay Design we are currently building an online ‘self service’ tool that will allow companies to assess themselves and view their Mindful Index. The tool will help each company to identify where they can take their first improvement steps in their journey towards receiving their Mindful Score, an independent rating of their sustainability, mindfulness and ethical position.

The result will be that consumers and other organisations can use the Mindful Score to make considered, comparative decisions about the companies they would like to do business with.

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Helping every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able to contribute higher value to society

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