Not all green energy is completely green energy, so if you are seeking 100% green energy for your business, it’s vital you do the research.

As we have been looking deeply into the green energy suppliers we have noticed that the origin of many supplier’s energy sources is not always as clear or clean as you might think.

We really like Ecotricity, who supply “100% green, animal-free electricity and frack-free green gas to thousands of businesses in Britain”, from large to small and “some with advanced green agendas” and some just starting out. Ecotricity is not your average energy company.

Their mantra is to find the tariff that works best for you – whether that’s fixed or variable, long or short term. They can can help you generate your own energy from the wind and the sun too and they use the money from their customers’ bills to “build new sources of green energy, develop green energy storage, and expand the Electric Highway”, their national network of electric vehicle charging points.

Ecotricity have the credentials:

“Being Britain’s greenest energy company is not just about the obvious stuff, our electricity, which is 100% green and our gas, which is frack-free. We go further than that.

We’re the only energy company in the UK to be recognised by The Vegan Society for our vegan energy.

We also produce an annual Environmental Report that allows us to track all of our environmental impacts and target those for continuous reduction – and we report those impacts every year on our website.

One of the unique metrics we report is the carbon cost per customer of our entire operation – and we’re the only energy company in the world that does this. It means we know the carbon emissions of literally everything that goes into supplying our energy to our customers, from the planning, building and running of our energy mills to the complete operation of our offices.”


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