This is a key question being asked by Harvard Business Review in their recently published quiz.

The quiz is designed to give you a high level assessment of how your team(s) communication, operate and interact.

HBR says, “75% of cross-department teams are dysfunctional. Some of the reasons for failure include problems with coordination, motivation, and competition — as well as waiting too long to address these issues.

How do you know if your team is working at the highest level? We crafted an assessment of 23 items designed to help members of a team become more aware of how it functions. By assessing a series of factors known to influence a team’s success — such as team purpose, commitment, talent, norms, goals, morale, and rewards — you can examine how well your team is functioning and see what levers might be most effective for improving productivity and satisfaction.”

Complete the quiz for your team(s).


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