Forest Green Rovers powered by Ecotricity, has launched a vegan food company that seeks to disrupt the UK school dinners market which offers over a billion meals a year.

This is an excellent example of the mindful profit equation:

Market Opportunity + Sustainability + Health Trend + Brand Extension + Business Competency + Commitment

“Devil’s Kitchen will use experience gained from catering to football fans at Forest Green Rovers – recently named “the world’s greenest football club” by footballing world body, FIFA and “the de-facto standard for sustainability in sport” by the United Nations.

Devil’s Kitchen is a new purpose-built facility close to the Forest Green Rovers ground that can produce around 125,000 items every week. The range of vegetable balls and burgers are 100% plant-based, made with legumes, fruits, herbs and spices, and will also be free of the 14 major food allergens (such as nuts, seeds, gluten and soya) making them accessible to everybody. The range is also free from palm oil, MSG and all artificial ingredients.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, and chairman of Forest Green Rovers, said “Our products are simple – just great food made from vegetables for kids – a really good thing. We’ve had an incredible response so far, so we hope to get the Little Green Devils range into as many schools and colleges as possible.”

We can speak from experience too, because we sampled some of the delicious dishes at the recent Green Britain Partnership event.

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(main image (c) Ecotricity @ecotricity in social media)


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