Rising generations are calling into question the traditional marketing mix, which has focused on everything about a brand. They want to know what’s in it for them and they want to align with brands that are serving a higher purpose, are sustainable, ethical and mindful in everything they do.

In this thought-provoking CIM Senior Marketers event, in association with Hays Group, “Sustainable Marketing Mix for a New Generation”, attendees will be inspired by a masterclass, including real-life case studies, that will help you think about this world-changing opportunity to redefine the marketing mix, and why it will have a powerful impact on future business strategy.

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose, will be the mantra for businesses of the future.

Our founders, Neil Wilkins and Joe Pereira, will share a new Marketing Mix: Purpose, People, Process, Profit and will explain the tools that will help make it a reality for businesses of all shapes and sizes across every sector. 

Find out more: cim.co.uk/events 

We will be videoing the event and publishing it with a podcast shortly after.


Helping every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able to contribute higher value to society

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The Mindful Business Framework

Mindful Business Model Explained

In this short podcast, Neil Wilkins explains the Mindful Business Model and what’s behind each of the 4 quadrants: Purpose, People, Process, Profit

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The Mindful Index

With our tech development partner Global Bay Design we are currently building an online 'self service' tool that will allow companies to assess themselves and view their Mindful Index.

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