How to ensure a mentally healthy workplace is at the front of every HR Director’s mind.

A few months ago we wrote an article about this subject and since then it’s becoming even more widely discussed.

Today, Hays Group, issued a new article with 9 ways for how to ensure a mentally healthy workplace. This backs up many of the points made in another article we spotted which is a guide to what to do next.

Mental Health and Wellness is as important, if not more important, in the overall compensation a member of staff receives for the work they do. We should all, in Mindful businesses, be considering how we support our staff from all perspectives, and especially through the most difficult times.

How have you seen mental health supported in your own organisation?

Mental health in the workplace

If employers are to get the absolute best of their employees, creating a positive and supportive workplace it needs to be engrained into its management structure...

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