ROI of remote working is just one of the many questions that nervous business decision makers are asking when they feel the pressure of an increasing nomadic workforce.

The benefits of staff morale and flexibility are huge. It goes without saying for those who have tried it, that remote working has numerous benefits.

But it takes a new style of leadership to fully embrace the need to trust those you can’t see.

There are an increasing number of studies and reports which aim to demonstrate the ROI of remote working and here are a few that might help you build the case for your business:

How to Measure Remote Work ROI

Technology Investment – the ROI of Remote Working

Measuring Remote Employee Productivity

How to Transition your Team to Include Remote Workers

The Business Case for Remote Working

We are huge advocates (working this way ourselves for many years) of remote working. What experiences have you seen or had yourself? Please share your examples, good and bad… and if you are just starting out on the remote working, digitally nomadic working lifestyle, how are you finding it so far? Comment below…

Business ROI of Sustainability Projects

Business ROI from Sustainability

55% of companies are not measuring the ROI of sustainability initiatives, despite 74% of 2,500 respondents stating that their CEOs do appreciate the value of sustainability.

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4 day working week

Is a 4 day working week possible?

With greater focus on employee wellbeing and investment in advanced technologies, can organisations achieve such an improved level of productivity that the traditional working week becomes just four days?

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