Adviser Guide to Sustainable Investing is an interesting paper by Adviser Home and leading commentator John Lappin.

“We believe that Sustainable Investing is now on course to be the most important development in retail investment. In the past it has been seen as a specialist interest – a diversion from the main goal of wealth management. Now, with fast growing consumer interest in the wider subject of sustainability several providers embed ESG thinking in their asset management processes. Under the general banner of Sustainable Investments many strands have emerged – from environmental funds, to screening and active intervention. It’s an area that every adviser has to consider as a core part of their advisory process and we expect it to become a required element in the suitability process.” say Adviser Home, whose directors John Enos, Andy Kirby and Brendan Llewellyn offer combined senior FS sector experience of over 80 years.

Download a copy of the Adviser Guide to Sustainable Investing.

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