New Marketing for a New Generation ~ Neil and Joe gave a Keynote talk to a room of senior marketers in a recent CIM / Hays Group event.

The subject was New Marketing for a New Generation and how The Mindful Collective is helping to redefine the marketing mix into something more meaningful to an emerging generation of consumers and business decision makers.

Listen to the recording of the talk.

We are very interested to hear your feedback on the points raised and discussed and if you have anything to add, especially to the Q&A at the end of the keynote, please add to the message thread below.

Sustainable Marketing Mix for a New Generation

Rising generations are calling into question the traditional marketing mix, which has focused on everything about a brand. They want to know what’s in it for them and to align with brands that are serving a higher purpose.

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Helping every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able to contribute higher value to society

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Finding Your Business Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is a simple, cohesive and inspiring future scenario, in which you and your colleagues can perform at the optimal level and deliver maximum value to the environment in which you exist

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