“Victoria Hurth (at the University of Plymouth) and colleague Carole Bond have created a new way of working that places purpose at the heart of the marketing process – and marketing at the heart of organisational innovation and strategy.

The Evolved Value Framework (or EVF) is a tool for firms who are serious about becoming high-performing companies of the future. We think it’s a framework that really starts to fill a gap in the way organisations think about, and link, purpose to the core of everything they do.

There’s a solid amount of evidence that supports the view that successful organisations of the future will be both purposeful and sustainable.

Purpose means that a firm’s reason for being is a meaningful and transcendent goal, which serves the wellbeing of others and is aligned to its financial performance. When we talk about sustainable we mean a firm that is capable of delivering real value in the long term, ie maximised wellbeing for all within the constraints of nature.” ~ read the full interview on Gameshift.co.uk

We are delighted to be talking with Victoria and Carole and exploring ways we might work together to develop Mindful Collective thinking and strategy. In turn this will provide you with valuable frameworks and tools to enable Purpose in your organisation.

Marketing as the Compass ensures that customers and stakeholders are at the heart of your purpose and strategy”


Helping every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able to contribute higher value to society

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Finding Your Business Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is a simple, cohesive and inspiring future scenario, in which you and your colleagues can perform at the optimal level and deliver maximum value to the environment in which you exist

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Interview about Mindful Purpose and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Charles believes that mindful companies will begin to wear their principles on their sleeves and make them part of the marketing process.

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