“I believe that the marketing mix is evolving to accommodate the ‘future of our planet’ trend.

I understand that people and businesses are moving away from just being the most profitable or just being able to mass produce quickly, or even just having the best quality product.

In my opinion, I believe that 3 of the most significant drivers fuelling this change are;
An evolved social perception
A new expectation of business
Evidencing impact / reinforcing message

With this new trend of looking to the future, it has become an expectation that businesses and communities should be ‘doing their part’ for the both the environment and for future prospects. Particularly in business, it is now more important than ever to have ethical and sustainable credentials – as clearly stated on the Mindful Collective site.

The fact that a company/organisation has adopted a considered approach to the future, and how they might operate and do business, is now a significant determining factor in customer choice. For example, in the construction industry, efficiency and sustainability is ever more prominent in client specifications – therefore, if for example, a construction company can construct a low carbon and highly efficient building using a range of recycled and natural materials, they will almost undoubtedly have an ethical advantage over a competitor who might be able to deliver the same project, but can’t guarantee a low carbon footprint or innovative integration of recycled materials.

With regard to how we utilise the tools within the marketing mix, it has become apparent that ‘purpose’ is now a key driver to the success of modern products, rather than the traditional focus on ‘brand’. For many, particularly on a governing level, it is no longer socially accepted to mass produce cheap plastic single-use products or items due to the on-going issue with plastic pollution. For what was once a desirable asset that could benefit most organisations, mass-producing with detriment to quality can now have a damaging impact on a brand. Therefore, there is now emphasis on reviewing how both the product and process can be made most efficient.

This is where quality comes into the limelight. When a product or service has been considered, and has been given higher purpose than just to make profit for example, this holds greater value for the consumer. What is the reason for this? Well, although they might be paying a bit more than they would for a single-use plastic item, their purchase based on ‘quality’ is not only likely to last much longer and fulfil its primary purpose more effectively, but also – to have a greater impact beyond just satisfying its primary purpose in that it is better for the planet. This can give an extra sense of reassurance to the customer upon evaluation of their purchase.

In modern society, if a business is seen to place the ‘purpose’ of their product/service at the heart of everything they do – and this is proven to be beneficial to the planet, environment and/or local communities for example – it allows consumers (people) to feel comfortable in buying into the brand. This is where promotion and placement becomes super-important.

Once a product has been developed to interact with the physical environment more constructively, it becomes essential to get this message across to your target audience to ensure they are aware of the additional benefits – in addition to just making profit. It is always important to consider the medium in which you present your message, since this can also affect the impact on consumers. For example, when advertising your brilliant new environmentally efficient product, it would be a poor choice to print 1000s of posters and flyers – wasting loads of ink and paper – since this would conflict with your overall message.”

We would like to thank Daniel Copeman, for sending us The Future of Our Planet Trend, his early impressions of The Mindful Collective and the idea of re-defining the marketing mix.


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