Is it feasible in business to focus on profiting from your principles?

The Mindful Collective have looked at this question for some time. We believe it is a great idea to focus on at least a significant proportion of your business profits for ethical reinvestment.

In an article called Profit from your principles the author describes how creating profit and reinvesting it ethically can help to create a sustainable future.

Peter Michaelis says: “Sustainability is an increasingly important theme for consumers, who want what they wear, eat and drive to have a positive impact on the world around them. This is fundamentally changing businesses, from high street retailers to even commodity producers.”

Most importantly, however, both say investors are beginning to realise that – contrary to the age-old myth – you don’t have to sacrifice profit for your principles, as data piles up to show that ethical investment really does pay.

O’Connor says: “Returns from ethical and sustainable funds are often on a par, if not better over the long term, than investment approaches that do not take into account ethical factors. We’re long past the point where “ethical” had connotations of ‘financially inferior.”

Read the full article here and let us know in the comments below, examples of where you have seen businesses profiting from their principles.