P&O has announced a new £220m ‘super ferry’ which will join their fleet in 2023 and provide an innovative and eco-solution to cross channel services between Dover, UK and Calais, France.

The super ferry is a great example of re-imagining a product with a focus on sustainability. The new ferry does not need to turn in port, saving emissions and time, because it has a bridge at either end of the ship. This re-imagining of a cross channel ferry will not only provide a more efficient service for customers, but will ensure that P&O is able to operate the first zero carbon emission fleet.

What could you re-imagine in your product and service portfolio, to both provide added value at the same time as becoming more environmentally sustainable?

honest product

The Honest Product

The Consumer Goods Forum and the change agency Futerra have joined forces to investigate the cutting edge of transparency.

Their guide includes new market research with consumers in 7 countries.

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creative planning

What Could You Achieve If You Took Money Out Of The Equation?

If you took money out of the equation what could you achieve in your business?

It’s an interesting question and one that is rarely posed. Ask most people in business why they are in business and they’ll likely reply, “to make money”.

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