When CSR really means something, great things happen.

So long the quick win, but in effect, defeat because of how stakeholders see through the veneer, CSR has steadily lost popularity.

However, when done correctly and authentically, it delivers something real to all stakeholders, especially customers.

Hendy Group, the new and used car dealers, who operate across the south of England, have a clearly communicated CSR policy and strategy that pervades throughout the business and outward to suppliers, their communities and importantly, their customers.

handy group csr

The Hendy Group state clearly that “our success is not only defined by sales, but by all of the other founding principles and values that allow our business to thrive.” With such a neat and clear balance, communicated to all stakeholders and with customers at the heart of the strategy, the business is sustainable, adding value to all and at the same time, commercially strong.

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