Mindful Financial Services

In this interview, titled Mindful Financial Services, we hear from Brendan Llewellyn, Strategic Consultant to the Financial Services Sector. Brendan has been actively consulting and leading at senior levels for over 20 years and has a strong business ethic, which we’ll hear about. Brendan regularly writes for the trade papers, on a wide range of issues and topics, so who better to discuss with us, the shape of the financial services industry and how it might look very different, some say, more mindful, on the other side of the current situation.

Today we will be discussing the topic of “Mindful Financial Services”, as we explore how the financial services industry needs to rethink/re-imagine itself to keep up with the growing tide of mindful businesses and the potential for a new economic paradigm.

Many economists and commentators are research, forecasting and predicting what might happen and of course, nobody knows, in these unprecedented times. So we discuss the following topics and delve into how mindfulness might pervade a new paradigm in the industry, which has until now, been very much based purely upon financial returns.

How is the financial sector right now?

When someone, as a consumer, looks in, they might see just money? is this fair?

Ethical investment in pensions and wealth management has been growing. What now though?

How does the industry avoid greenwashing?

Advisors often have very similar portfolios to offer, so how can they differentiate going forward?

Who are going to be the winners and the losers on the ‘other side’?

What’s your big dream for the industry over the coming years?

Who is going to make that happen?

If you were to guide someone into engaging with the right financial advisor, what would you tell them?

It’s very interesting to hear an insider’s perspective on what has the potential to be a fascinatingly different industry on the other side of COVID-19 and how this will impact on us all.