How To Avoid Greenwashing

How to Avoid Greenwashing is episode 2 of a 3 part webinar series by Cambridge Marketing College in association with The Mindful Collective.
In this episode, Neil Wilkins talks to a panel of experts, including Nigel Clark, Brendan Llewellyn and Joe Pereira about how marketers can avoid greenwashing when marketing sustainability.
The conversation moves towards the idea of creating a marketing sustainability guidelines, similar to the equivalent of brand guidelines, with which most marketers are already familiar.
Could this be the best first step on the marketing sustainability journey for businesses?

Greenwashing is a critical marketing and communications consideration for all businesses and something that can make or break successful rollout of marketing sustainability.

There are many challenges but at the same time, opportunities both from self certification as well as following tried and tested methods.

Greenwashing – False promise of certification – executive summary 

Looking into the effectiveness of voluntary certification schemes in the abscesses of national and global legislation.

Greenwashing in Retail – High profile example

H&M have come under heavy scrutiny on sustainability claims, highlighting the critical impact that the wider supply chain can have on your communications and credibility. The following article focuses on the wider textile/fashion industry.–60–of-sustainability-claims-by-fashion-giants-are-greenwashing/

White paper for making sustainability claims

For more help on your marketing sustainability communications and to help you avoid greenwashing, please contact us


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