Communicating Sustainability in conversation with Jake Backus

Neil Wilkins is joined in this episode by ex Coca-Cola, Director of Sustainability (Europe) and Head of Sustainability at award winning printer Seacourt, Jake Backus, to discuss communicating sustainability.

Key Moments:

08:00 CSR is boring, use brand voice not PR voice
14:30 What is your right to exist?
20:10 Nobody is listening so we need to anchor in what they are interested in
20:25 Emotions drive change
24:23 Don’t put sustainability first otherwise your product is probably a bit rubbish
34:20 It’s your role to be ahead of your consumers
35:10 If you don’t ship them a solution, you’ve given them a problem
36:45 Most company values aren’t values, they’re performance metrics
40:10 Create value for your client and your client’s clients
51:20 Make a net positive contribution for society and nature and measure it