Purpose is “an organisation’s meaningful and enduring reason to exist, that aligns with long-term financial performance, provides a clear context for daily decision making and unifies and motivates relevant stakeholders."

Purpose is the pursuit of an ambitious, clear, enduring and overarching objective that motivates all stakeholders.

Purpose is humanly meaningful and focuses on serving the well-being of others.

Purpose breeds engagement and stimulates sustainable  financial performance. *

'Building a Sustainable Purpose' Workshop 

Our purpose workshop is a set of guided processes, designed to help you find the fundamental reason for your business’ existence. The roadmap begins with a 3 hour session in Mural and incorporates the Japanese principle of IKIGAI that you can see in the video below.

We will give you an insight into how your people perceive purpose, sustainability and the values of your organisation.

We'll help you to identify, benchmark and structure a sustainable purpose project and after the workshop you will receive a Mindful Collective interpretive report for your organisation.

The workshop and roadmap will allow you to plan a project to refine your business purpose, provide a clear context for your daily decision-making, create true value and motivate relevant stakeholders, at the same time as aligning with your long-term financial targets.