Mindful Reinvestment – the new CSR

Mindful Collective Founder, Neil Wilkins, talks to Cambridge Marketing College Founder and Chairman, Charles Nixon about how businesses can begin to focus on mindfulness, ethics and sustainability with one eye on essential profits and one eye on retaining competitiveness.

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Devil’s Kitchen Disrupts School Meals

Forest Green Rovers has launched a vegan food company that seeks to disrupt the UK school dinners market which offers over a billion meals a year.

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Business Ethics and Profitability

We are seeking great examples and case studies you have seen or experienced where profits are being created ethically, especially in markets where it's not yet commonplace.

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Pricing in a Mindful Company

For a company mindful of its place in the ecological balance in the world, the task of pricing is harder than it is for a profit-maximising company.

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Charles Nixon

Creating a Mindful Profit

Creating a mindful profit: How does one happen and is it sustainable? The idea of making money running an ethical business is not a problem in itself, the real trick is in maintaining and sustaining it.

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Are Sustainable Businesses More Profitable?

Sustainability can increase the profitability of your business, from both a financial and ethical perspective. Endeavour to position this thinking at the heart of your strategy and the rewards will come.

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Boston Tea Party Plymouth

Scale vs Soul

To not compromise on quality or ethics, to seek openness & integrity in all our relationships and keep our independent spirit alive...

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ESG and Socially Responsible Investing

It is a myth to think that socially responsible investing comes at a cost – that you will make less money – in fact, the opposite is often the case...

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The Business Case For Sustainability

Sustainable businesses are redefining the corporate ecosystem by designing models that create value for all stakeholders...

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honest product

The Honest Product

The Consumer Goods Forum and the change agency Futerra have joined forces to investigate the cutting edge of transparency.

Their guide includes new market research with consumers in 7 countries.

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