Mindful Collective Marketing Sustainability Index Tool

How to use the Marketing Sustainability Index Tool

This tool helps you use the mindful marketing mix, to benchmark where you are today and where you’d like to be, on your marketing sustainability journey.

Rank your current Reality and your future Expectation against each of the criteria in the quadrants Product, People, Process, Profit.

We encourage people from all areas of your business to complete the assessment to give a broad opinion on your current position.

The Tool is about taking a closer look at all areas of your marketing sustainability so you can, in conversation with colleagues and other stakeholders, identify where you are already strong, where there are opportunities, what you all feel are priorities and maybe even where you can establish competitive advantage.

Remember you can return here to re-plot your scores, as you make progress on your marketing sustainability journey.

Try The Marketing Sustainability Index Tool (Desktop Only)

The Results... 

Your results might look something like this, or perhaps very different. The actual results may surprise you, or maybe not. Either way, it’s about talking, sharing and collaborating, as you work together on your marketing sustainability journey.

Once you have rated each of the criteria in the Index, you can generate a PDF which will show your Reality and Expectation in a clear visual diagram that you could embed into a report or presentation, to keep the conversations flowing.