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Latest articles on mindful people

If you want to learn more about mindful people check out our latest articles which feature information, ideas and stories from Mindful Collective members and ourselves. You can subscribe to comment on them or become a member to contribute your own articles.

The State of Sustainability

The state of sustainability in 2022... a conversation between Neil Wilkins and carbon literacy specialist Emma Burlow

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Sustainability with Dr Victoria Hurth

Dr Victoria Hurth explains to us how sustainability, purpose and core values can interlink in our world going forward.

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carbon literacy

Improve Your Carbon Literacy

Neil Wilkins talks to Phil Korbel from The Carbon Literacy Project about how people can become more carbon literate

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tips for setting up a covid-safe home office

Tips for setting up a COVID-safe home office

Tips for setting up a covid-safe home office - article written by Joyce Wilson - helping people to work from home

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how to avoid greenwashing

How To Avoid Greenwashing

How to Avoid Greenwashing is episode 2 of 3 in the Marketing Sustainability webinar series in association with Cambridge Marketing College

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Let’s Talk About Racism

A genuinely mindful, collective approach has to include thinking about all people as individuals and engaging with them on those terms. That way your business will appear approachable and welcoming to all, and that way you will open your doors to the best talent.

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Mindful Leadership

Business Coach and Consultant, Kate Strong, shares ideas and thoughts about mindful leadership, in conversation with Neil Wilkins.

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