We are creating innovative ways of thinking, behaving, leading and doing business. We are collaboratively building tools and best practice, to move businesses forward on their journey from intention to reality.Leadership, talent development and customers are at the heart of mindful business and from today we must communicate and interact honestly, ethically,  transparently and with best intention. Contribute now.

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Latest articles on mindful people

If you want to learn more about mindful people check out our latest articles which feature information, ideas and stories from Mindful Collective members and ourselves. You can subscribe to comment on them or become a member to contribute your own articles.

Let’s Talk About Racism

A genuinely mindful, collective approach has to include thinking about all people as individuals and engaging with them on those terms. That way your business will appear approachable and welcoming to all, and that way you will open your doors to the best talent.

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Mindful Leadership

Business Coach and Consultant, Kate Strong, shares ideas and thoughts about mindful leadership, in conversation with Neil Wilkins.

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We’ve Gone Platinum

Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure (part of a leading UK construction and regeneration group) has achieved the highest accolade for its commitment to high performance through good people management: Investors in People (IIP) Platinum.

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handy group csr

When CSR Means Something

With such a neat and clear balance, communicated to all stakeholders and with customers at the heart of the strategy, the business is sustainable, adding value to all and at the same time, commercially strong.

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Mindful HR Consultant

We are seeking to partner with leadership, change and people development professionals, who would like to become part of a growing network of specialists contributing to a growing movement who are redefining how business operates.

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employee retention

Employee Retention Strategy

"84% would consider leaving their current jobs if offered a role with another company that had an excellent reputation. Most people would require less than a 10% salary increase to consider such a move."

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mental health at work survey

Mental Health at Work Survey

When you look at mental health at work you'll need to think about the style, culture, processes and systems you use to communicate with your staff.

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apprenticeships case study

Apprenticeships Case Study

MTC Apprenticeships has recently announced an extension to its existing partnership with Lloyds Bank allowing SMEs working with OAS to access the £1m annual fund to cover the training costs associated with having an apprentice.

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