To enable a sustainable future for all organisations, we are creating a network of people and businesses, who will think and operate collaboratively, to create a sustainable future for each other and for us all. Focusing on mindful processes, with a global reach and influence, collectively, we can change the world.From today onwards our processes should be optimally efficient, innovative, effective, ethical and sustainable, from end to end and in everything we do.

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Latest articles on mindful process

If you want to learn more about mindful process check out our latest articles which feature information, ideas and stories from Mindful Collective members and ourselves. You can subscribe to comment on them or become a member to contribute your own articles.

Webinar Mindful Tool

Webinar – The Mindful Tool Explained

We would like to invite you to a FREE webinar with Mindful Collective Co-Founders Neil Wilkins and Joe Pereira. The Mindful Tool Explained is a practical guide to the business mindfulness self-assessment tool.

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ROI of Remote Working

There are an increasing number of studies and reports which aim to demonstrate the ROI of remote working and here are a few that might help you build the case for your business

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Charles Nixon

Promotion of the Mindful Company

If we believe in our offering and its benefits to the customer and the planet, then we need to change the markets’ buying behaviour i.e. the basis on which consumers buy.

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100% Green Energy For Your Business

As we have been looking deeply into the green energy suppliers we have noticed that the origin of many supplier's energy sources is not always as clear or clean as you might think.

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Ecotricity Drives #PoweredBy

Ecotricity is a great example of a business fostering collaborative learning in the art and science of process improvements for the benefit of all. They are collecting and sharing some great #PoweredBy videos

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Bio-Bee with Boston Tea Party and GENeco

Bio-Bee powered by the food waste it collects

Initiatives like Bio-Bee help businesses to understand the impact of their processes and how they can become environmentally friendly, often at zero-cost

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No Excuse for Single Use

No Excuse For Single Use

There are many processes and systems that you can adopt to help put the good practice into action and embed it in your business. The tricky part of the equation is figuring out what to focus on in the first place.

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IBM Watson 2019

IBM Watson 2019 AI Sessions

Do you want to learn how you can accelerate your AI strategy or get ahead of the latest AI trends? Or are you more curious to learn what results businesses are achieving by adopting AI?

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