The Mindful Business Model reflects the increasing necessity for every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly in the value they create through their products and services. Together, we will figure out the way to achieve this. Appropriate ethical and sustainable products and services are the lifeblood of a successful business.

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how to build a sustainable brand

How to Build a Sustainable Brand

In this third of a three part series of webinars in association with Cambridge Marketing College, Mindful Collective's Neil Wilkins talks to Nigel Clark and Charles Nixon, about the challenges but necessity of building a sustainable brand.

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value of value

The Value of Value in Business

We interview Professor Victoria Hurth from Judge Business School at Cambridge University. Victoria shares a host of strategic 'evolved value' and marketing opportunities that challenge the old paradigms of business.

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P&O Re-Imagine a Cross Channel Ferry

What could you re-imagine in your product and service portfolio, to both provide added value at the same time as becoming more environmentally sustainable?

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Three key ways to create substantial customer value

Civica also creates value by investing internally in learning and development to ensure the people delivering the software or services are creating value for their customers by developing expert technologies

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Reforming Sustainable Marketing

There is much high-level enthusiasm for change, at a management and strategic level, but this enthusiasm is quelled or blocked when the realities of day-to-day marketing activities are faced.

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Sustainable Marketing Mix for a New Generation

Rising generations are calling into question the traditional marketing mix, which has focused on everything about a brand. They want to know what’s in it for them and to align with brands that are serving a higher purpose.

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The Mindful Index

With our tech development partner Global Bay Design we are currently building an online 'self service' tool that will allow companies to assess themselves and view their Mindful Index.

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The Mindful Business Framework

Mindful Business Model Explained

In this short podcast, Neil Wilkins explains the Mindful Business Model and what’s behind each of the 4 quadrants: Purpose, People, Process, Profit

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