We have an audacious vision that in the future, all businesses and organisations across the world, are economically and environmentally sustainable. Profit can and should be made mindfully, through thinking and behaving in line with a higher purpose that benefits customers, society and the planet.From today, every decision we make should balance our need and desire for profit with what's best for future generations and the world around us. Get involved.

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Preparing For A Business Sustainability Workshop

In this podcast, we discuss things like working to a higher purpose, why all stakeholders are important, how best to define sustainability and vitally, why internal communications in a business is key.

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mindful economics

Mindful Economics

We hear about the concepts of circular economy and economic pluralism and what businesses can do to collaborate with their stakeholders to co-create a sustainable future.

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A Reason To Feel Good About Every Purchase

With ethical and environmental businesses showing the fastest growth this is often a beneficial switch for all parties.

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