The Mindful Business Model reflects the increasing necessity for every person and business to become sustainable, ecologically and environmentally friendly and able and willing to contribute higher value to society (at the same time as making profit, ethically). Together, we will figure out the way to achieve this.Purpose is our highest level reason for being in business, beyond the need to sell products and services and make money.

Your highest purpose

Your impact on the planet

Your impact on society

Latest articles on mindful purpose

If you want to learn more about mindful purpose check out our latest articles which feature information, ideas and stories from Mindful Collective members and ourselves. You can subscribe to comment on them or become a member to contribute your own articles.

Interview about Mindful Purpose and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Charles believes that mindful companies will begin to wear their principles on their sleeves and make them part of the marketing process.

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Sam Roberts Boston Tea Party Interview

Boston Tea Party Sam Roberts Interview

Sam talked about how he engages everyone within his team to live and breathe the proposition all day every day and about the impact that this has on staff engagement and retention.

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Sustainable Marketing Mix for a New Generation

Rising generations are calling into question the traditional marketing mix, which has focused on everything about a brand. They want to know what’s in it for them and to align with brands that are serving a higher purpose.

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The Mindful Index

With our tech development partner Global Bay Design we are currently building an online 'self service' tool that will allow companies to assess themselves and view their Mindful Index.

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The Mindful Business Framework

Mindful Business Model Explained

In this short podcast, Neil Wilkins explains the Mindful Business Model and what’s behind each of the 4 quadrants: Purpose, People, Process, Profit

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Powered by Green Energy

One of the most important criteria of operating a mindful, ethical and sustainable business, is to be powered by green energy.

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collective consciousness

Building a Collective Consciousness

"What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Napoleon Hill. This is at the heart of building a collective consciousness in your business..

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Finding Your Business Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose is a simple, cohesive and inspiring future scenario, in which you and your colleagues can perform at the optimal level and deliver maximum value to the environment in which you exist

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flexitarian diet

Is Flexitarian An Excuse?

Flexitarian diets could be a vital solution to feeding people in a warming world, according to a BBC article, but is the concept of flexitarian just an excuse?

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