Purpose is “an organisation’s meaningful and enduring reason to exist,that aligns with long-term financial performance,provides a clear context for daily decision makingand unifies and motivates relevant stakeholders."

Purpose is the pursuit of an ambitious, clear, enduring and overarching objective that motivates all stakeholders.

Purpose is humanly meaningful and focuses on serving the well-being of others.

Purpose breeds engagement and stimulates sustainable  financial performance. *

Purpose Workshops ~ face to face and online

The Mindful Collective has a range of deep-dive Purpose Workshops, designed as a unique and powerful ability to drive your business success in this 'new normal'.

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Latest Purpose articles 

If you want to learn more about Purpose, check out our latest articles which feature information, ideas and stories from Mindful Collective members and ourselves. You can subscribe to comment on them or become a member to contribute your own articles.

Sustainability for SBOs

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to save money and reduce your business's negative impact on the environment, congratulations

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the purpose upgrade

The Purpose Upgrade

The Purpose Upgrade, Paul Skinner's new book, in conversation with Neil Wilkins of The Mindful Collective as they discuss purpose and more

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Sustainability with Dr Victoria Hurth

Dr Victoria Hurth explains to us how sustainability, purpose and core values can interlink in our world going forward.

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Marketing Sustainability Webinar 1 of 3

Part 1 of the Marketing Sustainability webinar series in association with Cambridge Marketing College

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Preparing For A Business Sustainability Workshop

In this podcast, we discuss things like working to a higher purpose, why all stakeholders are important, how best to define sustainability and vitally, why internal communications in a business is key.

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FaairShares Commons Business Model

FairShares Commons Business Model Explained

In this interview with Graham Boyd PHD we hear about the FairShares Commons Business model and what it has to offer to businesses in the new paradigm.

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The Social Democratic Business

A social democratic business must, like any democracy, be run by, of and for the people but the idea of people must embrace the wider community as defined in the company purpose.

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The Global Development Illusion

An illusion, or an imperative? Whichever we believe, we have to marry our inner with the outer for anything to truly begin to shift in society.

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Interview about Mindful Purpose and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Charles believes that mindful companies will begin to wear their principles on their sleeves and make them part of the marketing process.

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