Interview about Mindful Purpose and UN Sustainable Development Goals

Charles believes that mindful companies will begin to wear their principles on their sleeves and make them part of the marketing process.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals allow companies to focus in detail on the areas in which they can make most difference. In line with The Mindful Collective purpose, people, process and profit, can be used as building blocks for effective change.

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Polly Higgins

Sustainability is Risk Assessment
not CSR

There may well be significant changes to the law in the next few years which will mean that sustainability is a requirement for businesses and not just a 'lip service' statement of corporate social responsibility.

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Tie Executive Compensation
To Sustainability

To place sustainability at the heart of business decision making, executive compensation packages need to be aligned with strategic sustainability targets. Without this link it is unlikely that sustainability will receive the attention and priority it deserves.

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